The legislature in Tabqa approves the women’s Law

Tabqa – after several meetings to discuss the law of woman, after the agreement was agreed on the provisions of the law. The Legislative Council of Tabqa city held a meeting in Tabqa Civil Council, attended by representatives of the Civil Administration and the Women’s Council, in which the Women’s Law was approved.

At the beginning of the session, Hamid Al-Faraj, member of the Joint Presidency of the Legislative Council, gave a speech in which he briefly reviewed the political and social reality and the events that took place in Tabqa city and its countryside in the last few days.

It then reviewed a set of principles and provisions for women that guarantee their real equality in order to build a fair and free society ..

The law included 26 articles in addition to the special legal penalty when violating any article.

The most important of which:

1- Fighting the reactionary authoritarian mentality in society.

. 2-Equality between men and women in all aspects of life.

3- Equality between the testimony of women and the testimony of men.

4- It is forbidden to marry a girl without her consent, as it is forbidden to marry and marry a minor, Shagar marriage. and marriage of blood.

5-. Criminalization of murder under the pretext of honor and criminalization of the trafficking of children and women in all its forms.

6- Violence and discrimination against women are prohibited and are considered punishable offenses

7-. To grant women and men equal rights with regard to the Nationality Law.

8- It is forbidden to marry the girl before she reaches the age of eighteen.

9- Women have the right to custody of their children up to the age of 15 years.

10- Working women have the right of full paid maternity leave.

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