The outcome of engagements in “the battle to defeat terrorism”

Since the early hours of the morning, there have been very violent engagements between our fighters and terrorists. on the axis of AL-Bagous, AL- Bahra and Hajin.

 The terrorist organization launched a large and violent attack in large numbers on the points of concentration of our fighters in all directions, Where the area of ​​ engagements is exposed to a dusty sandstorm that obscures the vision. But our forces have responded to all terrorist attacks, causing dozens of deaths and injuries in their ranks. The others have fled, and our fighters have been able to detonate two car bombs before they reach their targets, as the terrorists were trying to blow them up among our fighters.

And the engagements are still at their strongest until the moment of preparation of this outcome.

The Coalition aircraft also carried out several air strikes, one of which targeted a car bomb, they were destroyed and killed.

While the Coalition targeted the sites and concentrations of the terrorist organization with rockets and resulted in the destruction of (3) sites for terrorists.

-Outcome of engagements:

-Number of terrorist deaths: /34 / Terrorist

-Terrorist losses: /3 / car bombs destroyed, 3 terrorist sites destroyed

 Coalition Air strikes: / 8 / strikes-

– Number of rockets fired by the Coalition on terrorist positions: /29 /” Hammiz” missiles

SDF.Media Center

12 October 2018

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