The outcome of engagements in the battle to defeat terrorism

1Baguz axis: Our fighters launched a large-range attack on terrorist positions, killing several of them and causing material damage to the equipment. The terrorists returned to attack, using the dense nature of the area, where they tried to infiltrate among the trees. They came close to the positions of our forces, but the vigilance of our fighters failed the attack, after violent engagements with them, caused a death to a number of them, we could not find out because of the dense of Trees and fears of mines before being combed by military engineering teams.

The coalition’s jets also destroyed a tunnel used by terrorists, and it was not known if terrorists were inside it or not.

In the evening, terrorist movements with their vehicles were noticed in the vicinity of Al-Morsheda village. They were targeted by several artillery shells. During the combing operations in Al-Morsheda village, our fighters found a quantity of weapons and ammunition.

2- Hajan axis: This axis witnessed strong engagements, ranging from hit-and-run, but our fighters were able to advance in the area that were controlled by terrorists, amid preliminary artillery shelling. A number of terrorists were killed in the engagements, in addition to cause material damage.

3- Outcome of the engagements:

– Number of terrorists who were killed:/ 6 / terrorists.

–  coalition jets strikes: (4) strikes, including bombing / 3 / Hummer missiles.

– Terrorist losses: destruction of a tunnel, destruction of a site where terrorists are Holed up.

– Weapons seized by our fighters: mortars in addition to a number of fillings, an explosive belt, a thermal rocket launcher.

Media Center of the Syrian Democratic Forces

09 October 2018

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