The outcome of the clashes in the battle to defeat terrorism

1 – Al-Bagouz axis: Violent clashes broke out between our fighters and Daesh terrorists in this axis, our fighters launched an attack on the points and positions of Daesh terrorists, and the terrorists responded by bombarding our fighters using heavy weapons (Doshka caliber 12.5 and the PKC) (RBG / sniper), but our fighters continued to advance, forcing the terrorists to retreat, and our fighters were able to install 8 points after advancing 1 km. Several terrorists were killed in the attack.

After that the axis witnessed intermittent clashes, with mortar shelling.

While our fighters were able to detonate a  bomb car before reaching its target, after monitoring terrorists movements in the front lines of battlefield.

2 – Hajain axis: This axis witnessed strong clashes between our fighters and “Daesh” terrorists, in which all sorts of heavy weapons were used, and we could not know the size of the losses that terrorists were suffered because of the intensity of bombings and clashes.

There were also violent clashes in the evening, in which two terrorists were killed. Coalition aircraft carried out several air strikes, one of which targeted a gathering of terrorists, as result most of them were killed, and a vehicle loaded with Dushka weapons was destroyed

3-. Outcome of the clashes:

Air strikes: 2 hits.

– Terrorists were killed: / 11 / Terrorist.

– Terrorists losses: destruction of a mortar base, destruction of a bomb car, and destruction of a car loaded with Dushka weapons.

– Number of martyrs of our fighters: one martyr.

Media Center of the Syrian Democratic Forces

2th October 2018


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