The Outcome of the engagements in the battle of defeat terrorism

1-AL-Baguoz axis: Our fighters attacked terrorist positions in the afternoon, violent engagements broke out, killing a number of terrorists. Our forces made progress on the ground and expelled the terrorists. The terrorist organization re-launched a counter-attack. Our fighters confronted them and forced them to retreat.

Concurrently with progress on this axis, the Coalition raided into several terrorist locations, targeting one of the car bombs, which was completely destroyed, but the number of terrorists killed was not known. Coalition artillery also shelled two other booby-trapped vehicles, killing them.

This axis witnessed intermittent engagements from time to time, interspersed with mutual shelling with mortars and heavy machine guns.

2-Hajin axis: This axis witnessed violent engagements between our fighters and terrorists, “Daesh”, and our fighters were able to achieve progress and the expulsion of terrorists and install (6) new points. They also launched a combing operation in the area and seized a quantity of weapons and ammunition, in addition to bombing two mines planted by the terrorists in the area.

The terrorist organization attempted to carry out an attack on our fighters’ points by means of small reconnaissance planes to detect the concentrations of our forces. Our fighters were able to shoot down a reconnaissance aircraft, which fell into the hands of our forces.

The axis also witnessed intermittent engagements, accompanied by mortar shelling.

3- Al-Sousse axis: After three days of fierce fighting by our forces against terrorists, the village of Mozan was liberated near Sousse town and the terrorists were expelled. The engineering teams are opening their roads and cleaning it.

4- The outcome of the engagements:

– Points installed: / 6 / points.

– Number of terrorist deaths: /38 / Terrorist.

– Number of terrorists arrested by our forces: (3) Terrorists.

– Terrorist losses: destruction of mortar, warehouse for the production of explosives, destruction / 3 / car bombs, destruction of a site where terrorists were holed up, destruction of two bulldozers.

– Weapons seized by our fighters: RBG/2/, 1 M16 weapon, 1 Kalashnikov number 6, Bkc- Ammo , reconnaissance aircraft.

– The mines fired by our fighters: two mines.

– Coalition air strikes : / 8 / strikes.

SDF.Media Center

5 October 2018


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