HomemanshetThe outcome of the engagements in “the battle of defeat terrorism”

The outcome of the engagements in “the battle of defeat terrorism”

1-AL-Bagouz axis : Violent engagements broke out in this axis between our fighters and terrorists, “Daesh”, which lasted for many hours, in which terrorists tried to reduce the size of our fighters strikes by using all types of heavy weapons, including thermal missiles, but were unable to impede the progress of our forces, The intensity of the fighting; they advanced 1.5 km,  install / 15 / points and the 5 mines that the terrorists mine-layer in the area.

A coalition jet targeted a terrorist site, killing two of them, as well as destroying a rocket-propelled grenade. In another strike, the jet destroyed a bomb car that the terrorists were trying to infiltrate and detonate.

Terrorists bombed the positions of our forces, using PKC weapons, snipers and thermal rockets, but did not cause any damage.

The coalition jets attacked the terrorist organization’s sites, destroying 3 sites from which it launched attacks against our forces. The strikes killed a number of terrorists and destroyed a car bomb factory.

In the evening, our fighters launched a large-scale attack on terrorist positions towards the village of Al-Morsheda, where they destroyed an ammunition warehouse and advanced1 km.

All points of contact with the terrorists on this axis are intermittent, with mortar shelling, and all attempts by terrorists to launch counter-attacks fail in the face of the steadfastness and vigilance of our fighters

2- Hajin axis: This axis witnessed strong engagements, which resulted in the deaths of a number of terrorists, whose numbers could not be known, as a result of its ferocity, while the terrorists tried to regain the initiative and launched a counterattack, but our fighters confronted them and forced them to retreat and fortify their defensive positions.

This axis witnesses occasional engagements, during which terrorists bombard the remote area by heavy weapons, especially thermal missiles

3-Outcome of engagements

– Number of terrorist deaths: /29 / Terrorists.

– Terrorist losses: destruction of a rocket-launching base, detonation of a car bomb, destruction of 3 terrorist sites, destruction of a car bomb factory and destruction of an ammunition store.

– Weapons and military equipment seized by our fighters: Dushka ammunition (12.5.5 mm / 26,000 bullets) , PKc ammunition (25000 bullets) , 120mm mortar (4mm) , shells Mortar number / 120 / mm / 200 / mortar number / 100 / filler, 5000 / rounds Kalashnikov submachine gun, Dushka tank caliber / 23 / number / 2 / Dushka Bulldozer (12,5/1/.

– Mines fired by our fighters: (5) Mines.

– coalition jet strikes: 14 / strike

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 07 October 2018


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