The Outcome Of The Engagements In The Battle Of Defeat Terrorism

1-Al-Bagouz axis: Our fighters advanced a distance of /500/ meters, following violent engagements with the terrorists, “Daesh, and killed in the engagements a number of terrorists, and our forces were able to install 6 points and seize a quantity of weapons.

In the evening, our fighters attacked the terrorist organization’s sites, killing a number of terrorists, seizing a number of weapons and detonating a number of mines planted by terrorists.

The coalition jets launched several air strikes on terrorist positions and fortifications.

The axis is occasionally punctuated by intermittent engagements, accompanied by mortar shelling.

2- Hajin axis: Strong engagements broke out between our fighters and terrorists, which lasted long hours. The terrorists used heavy weapons and indiscriminate shelling with mortars and heavy machine guns, but did not cause any harm to our fighters.

Intermittent clashes between our fighters and terrorists erupt periodically, interspersed with mutual artillery fire.

3-The outcome of the engagements:

Number of terrorist deaths:/ 23 / Terrorists

Air strikes:/ 5/ strikes

Terrorist losses: destruction of two sites

Weapons seized by our fighters: 1 – M-16 weapons, 1 – 2 – SPG9 charges – /6/  3 – Dushka weapons ammunition – 23 / mm – 10 packs –     4 – 12.5 / number (2 packs) + quantity of shots, 5 – RPG rounds (11) shells

SDF. Media Center

8 October 2018

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