The outcome of the engagements in the battle of defeat terrorism

1-Al-Bagouz axis: Our fighters attacked points and positions of Daesh terrorists and violent engagements were broken out, which resulted in the deaths of a number of terrorists, three bodies of them in the hands of our fighters. As a result of the engagements, our fighters managed to advance 1 km and install 6 new points.

The terrorists tried to launch a counter-attack, but our fighters resisted them. Coalition artillery also bombed the terrorist positions and fortifications, we could not find out how many terrorists were killed and what casualties they suffered.

On the other hand, our fighters continued to advance and were able to install 3 new points and took over a 120mm mortar.

Terrorists also launched an attack with automatic weapons and snipers at the positions of our fighters, but our fighters fought back and managed to cross into areas under the control of the terrorists after they fled away.

2-Hajin axis: Our fighters advanced a distance of 300 meters and the installation of 6 new points following engagements with the Daesh terrorists.

A number of them were killed. Our forces also shot down a reconnaissance plane and detonated three mines that were at one point that our fighters had controlled.

While our fighters closed down a trench used by terrorists in their movements and they used it as fortifications.

In the evening, our fighters launched an attack on the Daesh terrorists. positions. There were very violent engagements in which terrorists used all types of heavy weapons, including snipers, and a number of terrorists were killed in the engagements.

International coalition jets also carried out several raids on terrorist positions and fortifications.

3- Outcome of the engagements:

– Points installed: / 17 / points.

– Deadly terrorists: / 21 / Terrorist, three bodies of them were by the hands of our fighters.

– Air strikes International coalition: / 9 / strikes.

– Terrorist losses: destruction of a reconnaissance aircraft, destruction of a mortar, destruction of 3 / headquarters where terrorists were holed up.

– Weapons seized by our fighters: 120-mm mortar, R. B. G number / 2 /.

– Mines that were detonated: 5 / Mines.

SDF. Media Center

04 October 2018


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