HomemanshetThe outcome of the engagements in the battle to defeat terrorism

The outcome of the engagements in the battle to defeat terrorism

1-Al-Bagouz axis: Very violent engagements broke out in this axis between our fighters and Daesh”, terrorists, following an attack by our fighters on the positions and Fortifications of terrorist Daesh organization at the front points, as a result number of them were killed and made an advance in a large distance in areas that were controlled by terrorists, to install a number of points.

The terrorists tried to strike their ranks and launch a counter-attack, but our fighters fought back and killed a number of terrorists in their ranks.

This axis is now witnessing intermittent engagements, interspersed with mutual shelling with mortars and artillery.

2- Hajin axis: This axis also witnessed strong engagements between our fighters and terrorists, in which all types of heavy weapons were used, in the context of heavy shelling by mortars by terrorists on the positions of our forces, but did not cause any damage.

After sporadic engagements, our fighters launched a violent attack on the terrorists’ site, killing a number of them. Terrorists tried to infiltrate through the tunnels and trenches they dug in the area, but all their attempts failed in the face of the strength and steadfastness of our fighters.

The coalition also bombed several sites and terrorist groups in the area, killing a number of them and destroying the headquarters they were holed up. The coalition also launched a missile targeting a large terrorist site, but it was not possible to know the number of their deaths and losses.

3Outcome of the engagements:

–  The number of death of terrorists: (20) terrorists, 10 bodies of them were by the hands of our fighters.

coalition air jets, 5 air strikes with a rocket fired at terrorists positions.


SDF.Media Center

06 October 2018


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