The Roundabout of Hell Lives Today Bliss

Raqqa – Al-Na’im roundabout is located in the center of Raqqa city. It is considered the main artery of the city, as it is the link between all parts of the city It was called Dewar al-Nu’im as a place to sell ice cream, and for many years people took it as a destination for them and their families for the purpose of hiking and the beauty of the area.

After Terrorist Daesh organization controlled  the city, it was called the  roundabout of hell, the heads of the prisoners of the Syrian regime were suspended during the siege of the band / 17 / by the terrorist organization, and then equipped this roundabout as a place of executions , hanging ,torture and Demolition of bodies, and used it to broadcast their versions and promote their ideas by A large screen hung in the south side of the roundabout.

Nayef al-Shuaib, a resident of Raqqa city, said: “The people of Raqqa at al-Na’im roundabout witnessed the killing and stoning of innocent civilians every day. The organization forced people to see these brutal scenes in order to instill fear in their hearts. To prevent them from the revolution against it. “After the executions, the bodies are still hanging for days and hanging on his chest a sign that says the fabricated offense. Thus, this roundabout became a hell of memories and tragedies for the people of the city after AL- Naim roundabout was visited by visitors.

” Abdullah al-Jassem, a member of Al-Qumin said: after the liberation of the city, we cleaned the streets in the vicinity of Al Nuaim roundabout and demining. Today, one year after liberation, with the return of more than 500 families living in the vicinity of the roundabout and the return of more than 100 shops, we are working on rehabilitating AL-Na’im roundabout in order to restore the real image of its meanings in the hearts of the people which the terrorist organization tried to distort by its inhuman practices.

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