The start of the first foundation Conference of Martyrs Families institutions in the northern Syria

Tabqa – The First Foundation Conference of the Martyrs ‘Families Foundation of the Syrian north regions / Raqqa -Tabqa – Deir EZ-Zour was held to discuss the work they have done during the establishment of the Foundation in all regions.

The Conference began by a minute of silence on the souls of the martyrs, in the presence of the leaders of SDF and members of the civil administration committees of the areas of AL- Furat region and dozens of families of the martyrs.

The conference included a number of words, including the speech of the Democratic Syrian Council delivered by Jihad Omar, a member of the Presidential body, welcoming guests from Raqqa and Deir EZ-Zour.

“We are here today thanks to the martyrs who sacrificed their lives and bodies to protect this land and liberate it from the terrorism that has affected all northern Syria areas For four years, and we in the Democratic Syrian Council bless this conference, which is the first in northern Syria.

 “Luqman Khalil,” delivered a speech on behalf of SDF welcomed the guests and mercy on the martyrs, and said:

“Our martyrs have liberated us from the terrorism that has affected our regions in northern Syria. They have offered their blood in order our people live freely and with dignity, and to pay tribute to their greatness and to the greatness of this day, which is the first of its kind in northern Syria. “

The conference is still being held to discuss the rules of procedure of the institutions of the families of martyrs in the Syrian north, and the actions they have carried out.

SDF . Media Center


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