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The Turkish state continue it’s threats and keep lanuch attacks on the border of northern Syria, especailly after different statments were released by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, which followed the four-parts meeting in Istanbul and which was attended by the presidents of Russia, France, Germany and Turkey, after this meeting, Turkish forces had launched attacks against safe villages which are occupied by civilains, as a result, a fighter from Self defense uintes was martyed, an another was injurd, plus damages that happened to civilian property, and this shelling forced them to leave their homes in the targeted areas.

Tge attacks of Turkish state had continued, on the evening of 30/10/2018, they shelled the crossing border gate of Tel Ebyad city, which lead to the death of a fighter and injured an another one.

We, in the Syrian Democratic Forces consider these attacks as a direct support provided by the Turkish state to ISIS, and it started with full coordination and in the same time of ISIS attacks on Hajin area recently,we also inform the world, that the Turkish attacks in the north and ISIS attacks in the south against our troops had forced us to stop our current operation temporarily against ISIS in the last pocket of it, the ongiong of the Turkish attacks on our area will stop our battale against ISIS for long time and that what Turkey is calling for it.

We ,at the General Command of Syrian Democratic Forces will repel any external attack, including the attacks on Turkish state that aim to destroy stability and peac in the region, We also call the international community to condenm the Turkish provocations in the safe areas in Syria, and we demand our parterners in the International Coalition to show a clear attitude and stop Turkey from launching attacks on the region and giving more chances to maintain ISIS and providing support for it.

General Command of the Syrian Democratic Forces
31 October 2018

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