Village from My Country

village of Al-Janazi is located south of the city of Darbasiyah. It is 20 km away. It is named after the number of people who died in this area due to the disease. The funeral processions were multiplied and it was called ” Al-Janazi.”

Its location is of great importance on the road between Hasakah and Darbasiyah, in addition to a large hill overlooking all the surrounding areas.

The first to be settled are the families of “AL- Ghriabah” , followed by the “Agawa”  150 years ago, and then life developed and people came to it until it became inhabited by many Arab and Kurdish tribes. The most important of which are: Clans; Harb, Albu Asi, Bani Sab’a, Sheikhs, AL-Najara.

The villagers depend on agriculture and sheep grazing as well as on the Education profession in which the children of this village work.

The village is dominated by its historic mud houses and an atmosphere of love, brotherhood and peace among all the inhabitants of the village.

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