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Village from My Country

Raqqa – ” Salhiya Farm ” is one of the newly established farms at the beginning of the decade north-west of Raqqa city, and take importance from the geographical location where the houses and commercial shops to the right and left the main road between the border province of Tel Abyad and Raqqa city for a distance of 1 km, It is about 10 km from both the city center and the town of Hizema.

This name It was named by this name because of existence of a high water reservoir in which it was called the beginning of the name of Salhiya, AL-khazan and then changed the name to Salhiya.

The most important reasons for the stability of the population of various components of the Syrian people is the existence of large agricultural areas on the outskirts of more than (5000) duns, which is the main source of livelihood for more than (300) families, who are planting all various crops, especially olive trees.

Many of its residents were forced to leave after it was controlled by terrorist Daesh organization. They returned to it after it being liberated by SDF on 27 June 2017 and a number of villages located on the north-west line (Hizmeh,  Hukoumia ,Yarmouk and Salihiyah).

Hamdan al-Saeed, a resident of the village, said: “After residents returned to their homes, they cooperated with SDF in receiving many displaced families from clashes areas, which were more than 500 families. During this period, the urban and commercial movement was active. The people worked to build many shops in it. They repaired the electrical network without any support from any organization or association.

The village has a primary school, a private furnace and a gas station but It suffers from a lack of water permanently.

SDF . Media Center


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