Work on the rehabilitation of Al-Udain I and II stations

Tabqa – The Directorate of Agriculture in Tabqa area works on the rehabilitation of water pumps of Al-Udain I and II). after being subjected to acts of sabotage by terrorist organizations.

The irrigated agricultural areas estimated at 1650 ha is benefit from the two irrigation stations and it distributed to five villages (Beawad, Al-Fiteh, Hamarin, Al-Udain I and II).

Seven pumps, each with 350 horsepower are included in Al-Udain first station.  The second station is a water-pumping station from the first station.  five pumps with different capacities ranging from 175 to 250 horsepower, three different capacities are included in Al-Udain second station.

Khalid Al Askar, the joint head of the Agriculture Directorate Talked about the project: “We started work on restoring the Maintenance of the first and second pumping stations after the damage caused to the station, such as electronic and mechanical failures. All the cables and the electronic boards that control the two stations were stolen by terrorists. The two stations will be restored for up to three months, and there is one secondary irrigation canal from the first station, which reaches Yamama village, from which water is drawn.

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