/10 / new buses for the paper and a competition for the recruitment of drivers

Raqqa – In cooperation with Raqqa Civil Council, People’s Municipality in Raqqa brought 10 buses for the city’s internal transport and announced a competition to employ drivers for these vehicles within the framework of services that are provided to citizens in Raqqa

More than 75 candidates within Employment Office of the Civil Council provided their legal and formal applications for competition.

The deputy head of the Joint Municipalities in Raqqa, Ibrahim Rashid Al-Ali, mentioned that they sorted out the contestants as needed and to cover the project, divided into 10 drivers, five lines’ observers and six guards, and will be distributed buses that received recently as the  following:

Four buses in Al-Masaken neighborhood, two buses in Al-Diraiya one, two buses in Al-Mashlaab distract, and two buses in Al-Rumaila neighborhood. The old lines known in the country have been reactivated, and some new lines have been added.

AL-Saa – Al-Masaken line for the service of citizens

AL-Saa -AL-Diraiya

Diriyah – AL-Qettar

Diriyah – AL-Tayar

AL-Mashlaab distract is into divided into two parts:

  • Mashlaab,-AL-Maamoun
  • Mashlaab,-AL- Tasaheah

Rumaila is also divided into two lines AL-Oroupa and Silos.

And finally the basic line is a line of Alsabahy neighborhood, Hawi AL-Hawa and AL-Jazrra back and forth.

In his turn, one of the candidates for the competition to drive the buses “Ahmed Saleh” said that he was one of the former drivers in the internal transport of the city and that he is grateful and wishes to return to his job after the war that happened in the city, a positive initiative to help the needy to move easily and in nominal prices.


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