36 bakeries covering the needs of Raqqa of bread

 Committee of Ovens and Mills is one of the working committees in Raqqa Civil Council, which works to provide flour and bread to Raqqa and its countryside. It also supervises the work of the ovens in terms of quality and quantity of bread provided in coordination with People’s Municipality in Raqqa.

The head of the Department of Supply in People’s Municipality, “Mustafa Abbas,” pointed out that the number of mills amounted to five mills distributed in Raqqa countryside, 36 subsidized ovens and 24 tourist bakeries were opened, covering the need of citizens of bread, and the allocation of these furnaces 42 tons per day of Flour.

He added: Many facilities are provided for the subsidized ovens (diesel, salt, large bags, flour, yeast). All these ovens work from the early hours of the morning until the afternoon, to cover the need of the people of the bread, which sold at 85 SP per 1 kilogram.

He noted that “Abbas” there are many ovens still out of service because of “Daesh” terrorists stole their equipment. the Ovens and Mills Committee is currently seeking to secure the necessary pieces for re-service.

He explained that the Department of Supply and control are working to monitor the furnaces on a daily basis through coordinated patrols.

SDF. Media Center

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