A fighter from my country .. “Malik Haj Khader”

SDF fighters are continuing to fight against terrorism, liberating last inch of the territory of northern and eastern Syria, and completing the project of building a democratic, pluralistic, decentralized Syria.

 Malik Haj Khader, a young man from Tal Hamees town, northeast of Hasakah, lived his normal life like other youths until the war began in Syria, before the war.

Malik dreamed of becoming an engineer working for his countrymen. But his view of life changed radically when the market of the popular market of Tel Hamees town was bombed by a terrorist which killed many civilians. His father, who was working in the market at that time, suffered a severe injury on his feet and lot the ability tomove. Here was the boom in Malik’s life, which had not yet absorbed the impact of the disaster on the Syrians.

Terrorism does not differentiate between its victims:

At the end of the incident, Malik took a fateful decision to join SDF, keeping in mind that his father’s tragedy was not repeated and that he stood up to terrorism that did not differentiate between its victims.

 After joining, Malik joined a number of training courses at the military academies of SDF, where he learned many aspects of military life as well as how to use weapons. After getting ready for combat, Malik went to Raqqa city to participate in ” Qazab AL-Furat” campaign to liberate it from the terrorist “Daesh” organization.

 Malik participated in the liberation of several areas and neighborhoods within Raqqa, the last of which was Al-Sinaa distract, where two of his comrades were injured by a mine explosion. While he was trying to rescue them, he was hit by a bullet that hit his left arm, but his injured did not prevent him from rescue his comrades and deliver them to a safe place.

Fighter refuse to surrender to injury:

He was unconscious after that due to bleeding and was taken to a hospital in Kobani. He was given the necessary help and a bone repair operation and then was taken to Martyr “Sariyah” hospital in Hasakah to complete the treatment.

Fighter Malik expresses his sadness, because he could not complete the liberation battles of Raqqa city because of injury. But hopes to recover quickly to join his fellow fighters in the “battle to defeat terrorism” and to participate in the liberation of the remaining enclave under the control of the terrorist Daesh organization in Deir EZ-Zor countryside.

 Fighter is still, receiving the last stages of his physiotherapy to strengthen nerves and restore them as they were before the injury.

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