A film and Play displayed About Violence Against Women in Tabqa

Tabqa – Syrian Women’s Council held at the headquarters of Culture and Art Committee in Tabqa, an event entitled “No to violence against women” with the approach of the International Day of “No Violence Against Women”, which will be on the 25th of this month.

The event began by a minute of silence upon the souls of the martyrs and appreciation of what they did, followed by a documentary film and videos explaining the world’s views of solidarity with women and their freedom, as well as the tragedy of women over the years in the world in general and the Syrian north in particular.

A play that talked about the marriage of minors and their suffering also presented, explaining the reasons that lead parents to marry their daughters, and the material factor comes the first of these reasons, according to studies confirmed by the world relating women.

She talked to us About the activity “Zahra Al Hamada” administrator in the Women’s Council in Tabqa talked to us: Our goal is to explain the violence that practiced against women in all its forms and types. In addition to raise the awareness of women and their role in society.

The activity concluded by the performance of folk music and folklore of the people of the Syrian North.

SDF. Media Center

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