A Flash on “AL-Edkhar neighborhood”

Raqqa – Edkhar neighborhood is considered one of the most famous neighborhoods in Raqqa city It was named after the housing blocs built by the Syrian regime and allocated to the employees for housing in the name of “AL- Edkhar housing” in 1995.

It is located in the western part of Raqqa city, which is a block of floors organized in a straight line, bordered to the north by Basil Street and from the west by Euphrates basin Establishment and from the south by Derayeh neighborhood.

The population of the neighborhood is estimated about 9000 people, 2400 of whom are displaced from Deir EZ-Zor and Idlib.

At the start of the last phase of Qazab AL-Furat campaign, the neighborhood was liberated from Daesh terrorists, and eliminating them on 31/7/2017, and lifted the siege of about 1500 civilians who were detained by Daesh organization.

Neighborhood’s Comin “Saleh Othman” confirmed that “the neighborhood was cleared of mines before the return of the villagers by military engineering teams, rubble and soil barriers were lifted and water and sanitation networks repaired again by Raqqa Civil Council and humanitarian organizations.

The neighborhood suffers from the lack of infrastructure, most of which were destroyed because of the fierce fighting that took place. There is only one school that receives about 2000 students and was rehabilitated by neighborhood people to teach their children.

SDF. Media Center

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