A Seminar in Shadadi … and March in Hasakah

Hasakah : under the motto “No to violence against women,” Syrian Democratic Council organized a cultural seminar in Shaddadi. The seminar included an explanation of the forms of violence against women and its consequences on society, the required solutions to stop the continuing abuses against women were considered as a second category in society. in all aspects of military, political and organizational life, and its leading role in self-management.

The seminar was opened by Nujine Yousef, the official of Women’s Public Councils of Syrian Democratic Council. She spoke about the forms of violence against women and the negative effects of terrorism on women and repression’s policy that they have suffered from for decades.

She spoke about the duties of women to prove themselves in society and move forward to achieve their goals.

Nadaa Ali Saleh, spokesperson of Star Conference in Shadadi, stressed on the importance of these seminars to reduce violence against women and raise awareness of women in all fields to have a personality and takes part in building the future of Syria.

The seminar coincided with a massive march in Hasakah city organized by Education Committee  to support the role of women and demanding the cessation of repressive practices against them through the world.

SDF. Media Center


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