A Seminar in Tabqa entitled “Education to where?”

Tabqa- Education Committee in Tabqa city organized a seminar entitled “Education to where?” To discuss the reality of education in the region and the challenges faced after several years of war, and to discuss ways to overcome them.

The seminar, which was attended by a number of intellectuals, teachers and members of Tabqa civil administration, began by a minute of silence in memory of the martyrs’ lives.

” In this regard, a member of the Union of intellectuals of Tabqa “Hassan al-Haj” said When the Education Committee was established in Tabqa, there were two offices of the civil administration, but after a great effort and despite the challenges we faced as a result of the damage and destruction inflicted on the schools by Daesh terrorists, We were able to restore the educational process better than it was.

Al-Haj pointed out to the distribution of textbooks for all schools of Tabqa and its countryside. He added that uniform school uniforms will also be distributed to students in all stages of education.

He explained that the schools are equipped with all supplies, and work to devote the efforts of teachers, which contributes to the resumption of the educational process in the best way.

The problems that facing the educational process and the ways to overcome them were discussed at the end of the seminar. and the works carried out by the Education Committee in Tabqa was presented.

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