A Village from my country

Tabqa – Ja’aber village is located on the left bank of the Euphrates river, 18 km from the north side and 50 km west of Raqqa.

The village overlooks the Euphrates dam, which lies to the south of it, while a small Swedish village extends to the east, and Mahmudli’s Badia in the north and the forested area to the west.

Ja’aber is named after the ancient castle of the same name and is considered one of the most important archaeological sites in the area.  Ja’abar castle is located about 3 km from the village and dates back to the 5th century AH.

The village is characterized by the beauty of nature trees and spectacular views, and the availability of water in the lake Euphrates dam encouraged the people to grow trees and irrigated agricultural crops, so that the village and its archaeological site a place of tourism frequented by people from everywhere.

The village was liberated as part of Qazab AL-Furat campaign on 25/12/2016 and was later restored and finally liberated on January 7, 2017 after heavy fighting with terrorists of Daesh organization, where the village and its castle were the headquarters of an organization to carry out its operations and used castle as a prison for its detainees.

“Mahmoud Hilal” A resident of  Ja’aber  village spoke  to us about his village and said: Since the groups of the Free Army and then AL-Nusra front entered to the village the human activity in the village clearly decreased, and led to the migration of a number of residents of the village outside Syria, until the village was liberated and began to witness remarkable development and improvement In the level of services in terms of services and education in addition to the availability of security and safety for the people.

He added: “The population of this village, about 1300 people and the majority of the tribe of Ajeel, and most of them work in agriculture and fishing, and some of them work outside Syria


SDF. Media Center


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