A village of my Country….. Khattounia

Raqqa- Khatounia village is located at the west of Raqqa city, on the banks of the Euphrates River. Its inhabitants work in agriculture and commerce. It is a large and densely populated village. It is administratively followed by the villages of Hawi al-Hawa, al-Mazyouna, Mahoukieh) it was liberated from Daesh terrorists on 22/8/2017 by SDF and the People’s Assembly was established in Khattounia and its countryside.

The Council of Khattounia consists of: Hawi Al-Hawa, Khattounia, Al-Mazyouna, Al-Mahliya, Al-Mahoukia and other small villages. The Council was restructured on 27/4/2018 in cooperation with Raqqa Civil Council.

The joint presidency of the People’s Assembly in Khattounia: Khawla Ismail talked about the work during the year: the Council of  Khatounia, which includes 16800 people and before the liberation was the census of 1400 people, after liberation we started our work  the first phase is the operation of the drinking water station for Khatounia and Hawi Al-Hawa and rehabilitation of power lines, and provided relief materials For the displaced and civilians of the Council, and rehabilitated the main roads and sanitation and in cooperation with the people to repair the damaged channels within the areas of the Council, and we opened an agricultural guidance comprising five councils and we activate the role of youth through the Youth Forum.

“Khawla Ismail”: said the second stage was the rehabilitation of the schools, 5 / schools in the Khattounia belong to the council, which includes 1700 students, namely: Abdulsalam School, Hudhayfah School, Al-Mazyouna School.

  Mohammed al-Furati ‘s school, which has not yet qualified and we are working on it.

 And (4) schools in Hawi Al-Hawa with (1251) students: Hawi Al-Hawa Al-Sharqiya School, two schools for the Western Hawi Al-Hawa and  Mahoukieh)schools.

And the third stage, we provided and offered a lot of services, including health care through the clinic in the region, women’s participation in the Women’s House, activating the role of youth through the Youth Forum established in the Council, and cooperation with the security forces to strengthen security in the region, all of this are done through the comines in the area.

“We have reconciliation committees in the council that resolve disputes between people, help the women’s house on legitimate issues and turn some of them into courts”.

And also visit of martyr’s families and check their conditions and meet their requests, and participate in the funeral of heroes martyrs, and the celebrations and periodic meetings of Raqqa Civil Council.

In the village there are a number of intellectuals and who have scientific degrees, many of whose youth graduated from universities, from the village’s sons: 30 doctors, 40 lawyers, 18 civil engineers, 20 agricultural engineers, 6 veterinarians, most of them work in Raqqa and its countryside.

 Khattounia is famous for its wheat and cotton cultivation, the strongest production in Raqqa city, as well as the cultivation of corn, beans and vegetable growing.

, Khawla Ismail thanked all the institutions and committees that helped them overcome the difficult circumstances that they were facing. She hoped that Raqqa would return beautiful as before by the efforts of its people, who suffered from the forms of terrorism and stood with our forces SDF, who liberated these areas from tyrants and terrorists.

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