Academy of Martyr Aziz Arab opens its intellectual course /11 /

Hasakah – Academy of Martyr Aziz Arab opened in Hasakah an intellectual course /11/ to train teachers from different parts from Northern Syria.

 The academy will train 105 teachers during 30 days, which is the period of the course that was named as Ahmed Al-Hussein.

  Klastan Ismail an administrative in the Academy said: “We are trying to provide the trainees with complete comfort and provide all the requirements they need, and we have prepared a detailed program on the dates of classes, reading times and the nature of the recreational rides.”

  She added that the course will include lessons on the importance of training, the natural society, the history of Syria, the rights and duties of women, the foundations of free life, as well as lessons in teaching methods and democratic values ​​that will be given. Adopted by the Education Committee

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