Agriculture Directorate in Hasakah Continues to Distribute Seeds to Farmers

Hasakah – Agriculture’s Directorate in Hasakah continues to provide assistance to farmers in order to develop the agricultural activity in the province, agriculture is the main resource for citizens, Hasakah is a pioneer in this field in Syria.

 Joan Adham, a member of the Agriculture’s Committee of Hasakah province, said that they continue to license irrigated agricultural land and support farmers with the necessary seeds, fuel and fertilizers.

 He added: “We are now distributing seeds / wheat, barley and various beans / to the farmers, with nominal prices that are cheaper than free market prices, and we have a strong demand by the peasants.

the number of licenses that were granted by agriculture Directorate exceeded / 1000 / licenses, and distribution more than / 350 / tons of seed so far. Adham confirms that the increase in the demand of farmers is due to two reasons: the first is the cheap of prices , and the second is our selection of good and sterile varieties of seeds that will improve the level of crop for the farmer.

As for the procedures followed to obtain the necessary support, “Joan Adham”: After the farmer obtained a paper from the comen and signed by the Council and revealed the sensory committees on the ground, apply to our committees to obtain the necessary license, Where the sensory detection to determine the quality of the land and determine the appropriate plant, and then direct the farmer directly to the center of grain to receive seeds.

As for the current plans, Adham explained that they are in the process of preparing a study to give seeds in some areas in a non-cash and deferred installments for farmers.

 It is worth to mention that the registration started from 25/9/2018 and will continue until the end of this year on 31/12/2018.

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