Al-Hasakah  Scutcher finishes its Receipt of Cotton Crop

Hasakah – Hasakah Scutcher completed its receipt of cotton crop after a period of 53 days, the final received quantity of cotton crop reached to 6795 ton and 320 kg.

According to Raman Abdul-Ghafour the joint head of Hasakah Scutcher, he confirmed that the received amount was not adequate compared to the previous season which was close to 20 thousand tons. He pointed out that the reason is due to the pests and diseases that spread among cotton crops.

He noted that in order to avoid merchants manipulating with the farmers and controlling prices, we worked to buy cotton directly from farmers.

He explained that the mechanism of receiving the crops is carried out by experts and engineers who have undergone training courses. They work on classifying the cotton from the first category to the tenth according to its quality.

SDF. Media Center


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