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Art exhibition in Tabqa entitled “Journey of Life”

Tabqa-  plastic artist Akram Tani organized, in cooperation with the Culture and Art Committee of the Cultural Center in Tabqa, an exhibition titled “A Journey of Life”.

The opening began by a minute of silence upon the souls of the martyrs. then followed by a play by the Cultural Center team, which talked about the stages of the control of the armed organizations against Syria.

The plastic paintings, the life that Syria lived, especially the city of jasmine “Damascus”.

The artist Akram Tani talked about the stages of painting these paintings, saying: After the liberation of Tabqa city immediately, I rushed to draw paintings, after removing blackness from the city, noting that the paintings included houses, mosques and some landscapes.

He pointed out that the aim of that is to encourage artists, painters and musicians to return to the city and to practice their work after the security and stability that the city lives by the efforts of SDF.

It is worth to mention that the artist “Akram Tani” participated in several local and international exhibitions, including / Damascus, Dubai and Paris / exhibitions and one of his paintings won the first class at Dubai Art Exhibition.

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