Awareness Seminar Against Violence Against Woman

Tabqa– Women’s Committee of Civil Administration in Tabqa held a seminar  “Together against violence against women” to reduce the violence and marginalization of women, attended by dozens of women.

The official of Women’s Committee in Tabqa “Zahra Hamada”, confirmed that they have begun to give seminars for women in Tabqa and its countryside to increase awareness of women’s rights, noting that marginalization and violence, which is constantly exposed to the exclusion of the leading role in the communities in which they live. Noting that they are distributing awareness leaflets to reduce the phenomenon of systematic violence against women.

For her part, “Nasra Abaka”, one of the attendees, explained that her presence is aimed at knowing and realizing her social rights and participating in confronting women’s oppression and marginalizing her role in society.

 She added that she is part of this society, describing itself as an “entity in itself” and its role is not limited to housekeeping and child raising.

SDF. Media Center


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