Better Hope graduated its third Course of Project (EADY)

Tabqa -Better Hope Organization graduated its third course of (EADY) Hands Project for Handcrafts, which includes agricultural nurseries and electricity.

The graduation was attended by a delegation from the International Coalition, members of the democratic civil administration, a number of Tabqa people and FAO staff.

” Ibrahim Al-Rawi, project director of (EADY) Hands Center of Better Hope organization, in Tabqa city, spoke about the project and said: The project was launched on 7/11/2018, for six months, the number of trainees / 120 trainees, each two-month course and the number of training hours is 96 hours. Three days per week.

He added that each trainee received, according to his specialization, equipment to serve his work, and the number of trainees as the following: plumbing 32 trainee, electricity 35 ones and 54 ones of women in agricultural nurseries.

For graduates, their names will be submitted to the Office of Organization Affairs to be employed according to sequence system.

SDF. Media Center

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