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 Civil Administration in Tabqa Denounces the Brutal Turkish Aggression

Tabqa – The Civil Democratic Administration today in Tabqa issued a statement to the public opinion, in which the administration denounced the aggressive attacks of the Turkish occupation on the northern and eastern regions of Syria in general and / Kubani, Tal abyed and Manbj / particular, the statement was given by Sheikh Mohammed al-Farj, chairman of the Legislative Council in Tabqa area.

This is the text of the statement:

“In the name of democratic civil administration in Tabqa we condemn the aggressive attacks by the Turkish occupation on the areas of north and east of Syria, especially the areas of Kubani and Manbj and Tal abyed directly or through armed groups supported by Turkey targeting civilian homes and spread fear among children and women and destabilize security and stability in the regions, After the end of the elimination of Terrorism in  Deir EZ-Zor countryside, which began to fade black, Erdogan wants the leader of terrorism and his great father to revive and spread the terrorism in our regions and increase his support and public support for them through these attacks, We call upon the international community, especially the international coalition, not to stand idly by in the face of the excesses that are committed by the terrorist Erdogan and his followers in the north and east of Syria and to shoulder his responsibilities for these provocations and excesses. “



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