HomedialogueClean And Afforestation Campaign In AL-Safsafa Town And Its Villages

Clean And Afforestation Campaign In AL-Safsafa Town And Its Villages

Tabqa- People’s Municipality in Safsafeh town launched a campaign of cleanliness, including the villages (Safsafa Faqani and the farm and Safsafa Tahtani), to clean the streets of waste and dust, and the cultivation of gardens with trees and grass and the restoration and coating of damaged sidewalks.

The joint presidency of people’ municipality in Safsafa town “Ali al-Muhaisin confirmed that the goal of cleanliness project, which we launched the re-aesthetic of the town and surrounding villages, and avoid the diseases that result from the waste in some streets and the transfer of dumpsites to places away from the population and placed in dedicated areas to it to avoid diseases And re-planting the gardens and cultivated them with trees and grass.

Al-Muhaisin added, “we seek by our available possibilities to change the view that prevailed over the past years of great disregard of the environment and indifference to it, and we strive to restore the splendor appearance of the town and its surroundings villages to be the title of development and progress.

At the end of his speech, he said: We have projects under study to pave the road that connect between Safsafa town and Tabqa city, and the rehabilitation of health and services facilities that damaged due to the recent war.


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