Coming Severe cold  .. And the people in the preparation

Tabqa-As the winter season approaches, the people of the city began to prepare, especially after the air depressions that swept through the region, wary of coming severe cold.

 People flock to the markets to buy winter clothes and carpets and heaters and register their role at the local councils to receive their allocations of diesel.

“Mohamed Ramdan” One of the owners of shops that sell heaters, told us about the large turnout of people buying heaters, saying: Because of the severe cold and heavy rainfall, we have witnessed an unprecedented demand for the purchase of heaters, which cost between eight thousand and twenty thousand SP.

Because of poverty and difficult conditions that some people are going through, many are suffering from high prices of diesel on the black market.

Ali al-Assaf,” a resident of Tabqa city appealed to the authorities to monitor the prices of  sale of diesel, which is / 125/  SP per liter on the black market, many of us cannot buy diesel because of the high price.



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