Commando Academy opens its second training course for (SDF) fighters

Media Center – Commando Academy of SDF opened its second course which bore the name of the martyr Zagros for 75 fighters.

The opening ceremony, which was attended by leaders of SDF, began by a minute of silence and the greeting of the martyrs.

  Mahmoud Qarmadakhi one of SDF leaders spoke during the opening ceremonies, and referred to the sensitive stage in which the northern regions of Syria are going through, and the increasing Turkish threats and repeated attacks on our regions as the battle to defeat terrorism approaches. And stressed on the role that played by SDF in defending the gains of the components of the Syrian north in the face of these threats.

In his speech to the specific tasks carried out by commando units, Qarmadakhi stressed the necessity of Commitment to the planned special training system to ensure the success of the training course and complete it fully.

The opening ceremonies concluded by performance of the military oath.

During the four-month course, the trainees will receive military training, theoretical and practical, in martial arts and military tactics.

Zagros, an Arab fighter in SDF, was martyred in Afrin region during  “resistance of Age” against  Turkish occupation army and its terrorists.


SDF. Media Center


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