Construct the monument “martyr” at  Khashman roundabout in Hasakah

Hasakah – Women’s Office, in coordination with Hasakah Province Council, began rehabilitating of Khashman roundabout in the city to construct a memorial of a martyr in the Syrian North.

 The official of the Women’s Office in the Eastern Municipality of Hasakah city, Hamdiya Musa Abdul Ghafoor, confirmed that they began since a few days ago the rehabilitation of Khashman roundabout in the eastern part of the city, to construct a memorial of one of the martyrs of the Syrian north.

 She added that, the memorial will be announced in the next few days during a ceremony to be held at the time, she explained that the cost of processing the monument is appromoxtely one million Syrian pounds, and noted that it will be equipped with light, herbs and flowers, a certain type of stones will be brought from Shankal in the Kurdistan region of Iraq exclusively to complete the monument. She explained that they have many similar projects in the near future.

 The municipality did not announce the identity of the martyr, who will be stationed in  Khashman roundabout, it is worth to mention that Khashman roundabout suffered a bombing a few months ago, and as a result of that there were a number of martyrs and wounded.


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