Continuing projects in support of agriculture in rural Raqqa

Raqqa –  Agriculture Committee of Raqqa Civil Council continues to support farmers in various areas of Raqqa, in order to improve agricultural reality.

 This support was manifested initially in the maintenance of the network of main irrigation channels, rehabilitation of irrigation pumps, providing diesel, fertilizer and seed for farmers, providing agricultural guidance to them, as well as facilitating the marketing of agricultural crops.

 The result of these projects was the increase in the area of irrigated agricultural land. In terms of production, it was not good because the agricultural crops were affected by the climatic conditions that prevailed last season.

Projects in support of the agriculture sector continue with the beginning of the new agricultural season with the aim of increasing agricultural production. The Committee on Agriculture is working with some organizations to complete the rehabilitation of the network of irrigation canals to facilitate the access of irrigation water to all land, as well as the continuous work to prevent pressure on farmers due to water scarcity in summer season.

 Irrigation and rainwater drainage channels were rehabilitated in Wadi al-Fayd in the western Raqqa countryside. The project was successful in absorbing floods due to rain, and the agricultural lands were not affected by the flood water.

SDF. Media Center

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