Culture and Art Committee prepares to establish a center for intellectuals

Raqqa – Culture and Art Committee of Raqqa Civil Council, in cooperation with a number of city’s intellectuals, began preparations to establish a special center for intellectuals, which will include a theater, a gallery and a public library.

Ziad al-Hamad, a member of Culture and Art Committee, said that they were preparing to open a special headquarters for city’s intellectuals, which would contain a theater, a gallery and a public library. he noted that they collected a good number of books obtained from some intellectuals, which had been extracted from the rubble.

 He added that they will increase the number of books to / 100 / thousand books, pointing out that they will hold their first meeting in Raqqa.

 Al-Hamad stressed the need for experts from all segments of society at home. He appealed to the intellectuals of the Diaspora to return, to rebuild what had been ruined by terrorists.

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