Culture Committee offers “red olives” to Tabqa’s People

Tabqa- Martyr “Yekta” orchestra of the Culture and Art Committee in Tabqa city, presented its play “Red Olive” in coordination with Baki Khaddo Center for Culture and Art in Kobany. The presentation, which was attended by members of Tabqa Civil Administration and dozens of people of Tabqa and Kobany cities.

The play talked about the wars and crises that took place in Syria in general and the Syrian north in particular, and the tragedies of civilians in light of this war. In this regard, “Jumard Al-Ali,” a professor and theatrical actor from (Afrin) city, which is famous of its olive, saying: We have staged performances in both Kobany ,Menbj, and Tabqa, and our goal of the play “red olive” is to  expose the crimes of the Turkish occupation,  who turn our green olives into red ones through its savage attacks on our land, which has been irrigated with the blood of our martyrs, and how traffickers exploit the blood of thousands of innocent people for money.

“This work shows a side and a small part of the reality of the lives of the Syrians during the crisis that has plagued the country for more than seven years. Pointing out that they will make their offers in the cities of Raqqa and the rest of the territory of AL- Jazzera, the play ended by Kurdish and Arabic folk songs.

SDF. Media Center

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