Directorate of Ovens Specializes cards for martyrs Families

Hasakah – The Directorate of Ovens, which belong to the Economic body in Hasakah, allocated cards to the Martyrs Families, the dependents have assigned by the Kominets in each region, in order to regulate the work process and not allow the sale of bread outside the official institutions and accredited.

 The joint head Ovens directorate of the Economic Department in Hasakah, Neroz Ali, confirmed that they have allocated special cards to  authorized persons in each comin in the areas of Hasakah and to the martyrs’ families, as a result of selling the bread outside the appointed and official institutions, which in turn put enormous pressure on the ovens, this step is to regulate the work and prevent these abuses that may  occurred,  also, the deputy of the director of Ghairan furnace “Faraj Ahmed Ali added” these cards, which were allocated by the Directorate of ovens, and facilitated their work greatly and reduced pressure on the furnaces, which in turn led to prevent the sale of bread informally.

SDF. Media Center

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