HomenewsElders and dignitaries of Hasakah denouncing Turkish attacks by a statement

Elders and dignitaries of Hasakah denouncing Turkish attacks by a statement

Hasakah -The elders and dignitaries of Hasakah province organized a political forum to denounce the Turkish attacks on northeastern Syria, attended by dozens of tribal elders and sheikhs and a delegation from SDF.

 The forum started by a minute of silence then a speech by Rezan Kloo, Advisor to the General Command of SDF for Civil Affairs, in which he thanked the initiative of the tribal elders of Hasakah to organize this forum, which shows the unity of the Syrian people in all its components. Pointing out that the policy of the Justice and Development Party aims to spread and discord and distinction between the components of the north and east of Syria.

 For his part, “Akram Mahsoush,” one of the elders of the tribes of Hasakah in a speech, confirmed the readiness of the Arab tribes to counter the Turkish aggression on the areas of eastern Euphrates, pointing out that the presence of Turkey in the West Euphrates is an occupation.

At the end of the forum, the elders and dignitaries of Hasaka city issued a statement to the public opinion, a copy of which reached our media center:

 “While the forces of terrorism in all forms and military organizations in Syria, the latest “calling” criminal, corruption, sabotage and criminalization in most areas of Syria, with the direct support of the Turkish regime, led by the Justice and Development Party and President Erdogan. The Turkish regime threatens the safe areas in northern and eastern Syria, which have been liberated of the remnants of the criminal terrorist organizations. Its repeated attacks on the areas adjacent to the Syrian – Turkey borders have been repeated by the brutal and indiscriminate shelling of the safe villages.it is known to all with the aim of striking our safe and stable areas on the one hand, and saving Terrorist Daesh organization and relieve the pressure on it”.

On this basis, we are, the dignitaries and elders of the tribes of Hasakah in all its components, we stand united in the face of Turkish attacks and threats at all levels, in solidarity and unity of the word and support for SDF and all national forces against Turkish aggression, we appeal to all the forces of good and peace-loving nations and international organizations to stand up to these repeated threats and attacks on our people.

Mercy to the souls of our righteous martyrs.

Shame and disgrace to homeland’s enemies


SDF. Media Center

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