Fighter from my country

The sons of Syrian North have engraved their names with their blood and sacrifices on every corner and street in their homeland, highlighting the solidarity and cohesion of the sons of the one nation, which consists of the various sects and components that stood in a single line to protect their homeland, the fighter “Mohammed Yousef Atti” from Hasakah city, he was working in his land that he had inherited from his parents and lived in the midst of a national and industrious family.

At the beginning of 2017 he joined “People’s Protection Units” and participated in the battles of Hul and Shaddadi. In the middle of the same year he joined the Syriac Military Council and participated in the battles of Raqqa. The fighter Atti received many courses People’s Protection Units.  International Coalition and the Syriac Military Council, in which he received military courses on various types of light, medium and heavy weapons, the fighter  Atti spoke to us About the events of the battles in which he participated and the reasons for his joining and participation under the slogan of SDF “When I decided to join and participate in the war against terrorism, the main objective was to build a democratic, and decentralized Syria, where the rights of all components and sects are present.

He added: “What distinguishes SDF is the homogenous mixture of all races and Communities of Syria.” I remember when we were at Hol battle, we were holed up at one of the points that we had recently installed. We were about seven fighters, We were attacked by the  enemy, but we resisted and managed to repel their attack, and I do not want to call here that we were three Arabs, two Kurds and two Syrians ,This is what distinguishes us from all that we are all sons of this homeland and we are all under the slogan of SDF, which do not distinguish between race or sect and seek to build a multi-decentralized Syria that includes Rights of all components.

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