Fighter from the battlefield

In the final days  AL-Jazeera storm campaign, many of the heroes of SDF are heading to the front lines to take part in the fight against ISIS terrorrists, Mahmud Ahmad al-Khalaf, a resident of the Qahtaniya village in the western Raqqa countryside, is one of the fighters who suffered a lot from the oppression of Daesh terrorists.

 He lived in this village near Raqqa city, which was the most important point of a sympathetic organization in the countryside near the city. In this village there was a prison of Daesh terrorists, and Mahmoud Khalaf was jailed for three times on various charges, He started working in a shop in Raqqa city to help his family during the period of Daesh ruling. At the beginning of the liberation campaign, he moved with his family to Tall El Abyad city and decided to join SDF to liberate his city and get rid of Daesh injustice and tyranny.

At that moment, he felt a sense of urgency and determination in his body and the spirit of joining the fighting fronts he had joined since the beginning of the third month of 2017 after receiving military training on the fighting, and all weapons were the first battle in the village of “Ansar” and then “Rafikah” and then his village ” He also participated in the liberation of Raqqa city. After completing the liberation of Raqqa, he completed his military training in one of the military brigades in Tabqa countryside. Today he is on his way to the front lines of the fighting fronts in Deir EZ-Zour countryside, on the outskirts of a hajin village, he says he is going to do his duty to protect the homeland and his people with pride.

SDF. Media Center

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