Flash on the life of fighter “Bashar al-Hamid Mohammed”

Hardly a day goes by in the Syrian north, SDF’s fighters are holding unprecedented battles in the battlefields against the most brutal terrorists in human history.

 Bashar al-Hamid Mohammed, a member of Hasakah family and a member of a family with a long history in the region, he refused to sit at his home while his countrymen are being subjected to the most brutal attacks by a Daesh terrorists.

 Bashar joined People’s Protection Units in 2011. He received numerous training courses on the use of all types of weapons and martial arts.After finishing his military training, Bashar participated in a number of battles on all fighting fronts against terrorist Daesh organization, in Kubani, Sri Kana, Shaddadi and Deir EZ-Zor countryside, where he was injured for four months with a bullet in his back that left him paralyzed.

 Bashar did not surrender to his injury, and it did not stop him from achieving the goal he joined the ranks of the units to protect the people, which is fighting to liberate the country from the abyss of terrorism and participate in building a democratic Syria, pluralistic for all its sons.

 Bashar points out that his physical therapist stood next to him and assured him that he would not leave him alone until he walk again, He expresses his confidence in the efforts of physical therapist and his steel will to return to his fellow fighters, who connect the night by day and fight  “battle to defeat terrorism” on the fronts of Deir EZ-Zor countryside.

SDF. Media Center


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