Graduation of the second brigade in Raqqa city in the name of martyr Ali al-Iraqi

 Martyr “Ali Al-Iraqi” Brigade completed a new training course, which included 800 fighters from the sons of Raqqa and its villages. This is the second brigade to be graduated.

The course bore the name of the martyr ” Helen Judy” which was lasted for 45 days, the fighters received intellectual and political lessons and military exercises on various types of light and medium weapons.

The graduation ceremonies were attended by leaders of SDF, Raqqa Civil Council and the dignitaries of Raqqa Tribes. Several speeches were delivered on this occasion, on behalf of SDF Luqman Qamishli delivered a speech, in which he greeted the graduates. He said: “Under the circumstances we are going through in the Syrian north, in general, where we are going through a sensitive stage because of the hatred of some countries that try to spread sedition among peoples and by the efforts of young graduates will defeat this sedition and repel the conspirators.

“The fact that young people and young women join the ranks of SDF despite the difficult circumstances shows that we of protecting the country from any enemy, and we will defend the martyrs’ victories,” he said.

” The mother of the martyr “Helen Judy” delivered a speech in which she remembered the martyr “Helen” and blessed the new graduates and said: We cherish our sons who join the ranks of SDF because they are the only forces that have achieved freedom and unity among peoples,” she said.

The graduates performed the military oath at the end of opening ceremonies, where they pledged to follow the martyr’s way in achieving freedom and democracy.


SDF. Media Center

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