Health Committee .. and a year of liberation

Raqqa – After the liberation of Raqqa and the establishment of Raqqa Civil Council, the Health Committee began, in cooperation with humanitarian organizations, to rehabilitate clinics and hospitals that were not vandalized by terrorists or because of war against them, and attention to the whole health sector.

” The Chairman of Health Committee of Raqqa civil Council “Ahmed Ismail” on the work of the Committee during the first year to liberate Raqqa said:” We have cooperated with the World Health Organization (WHO) to carry out 10 vaccine campaigns during which we distributed 820,000 doses of vaccine to the children of the city and its countryside. We opened a center for a periodic vaccine with 18 points, in the countryside of the city, and we formed a chamber for pharmacists to organize the work of pharmacies in the city and its countryside, which in turn gave the license to185 pharmacies and 15 drug stores.

He added that the committee formed the nursing and medical profession chamber to organize the nurses’ work and supervise the medical clinics. We opened clinics in Khatounia, Karama, Hazemah, Mashlab, Al-Rasheed Clinic in AL- Jazzra town, Blood Transfusion Center, Thalassemia Treatment Center, and the physical treatment center in Mashlab. And Al-Karamah. Each of them has two clinics, the center of the train station, the Bedouin neighborhood center, a center in Hamra Nasser town and mobile clinics.

Ismail said: We opened the Crescent Hospital for women and children surgery in the city’s nursing school, the obstetrics and children’s hospital in the city, rehabilitating the northern building of the national hospital for its opening as a general surgical hospital, giving 5 licenses for hospitals in the city and 3 in the countryside. And providing medicines to displaced in Afrin camp, at the end of his speech, he thanked the efforts of the humanitarian organizations, International Alliance and Raqqa Civil Council for all they submitted to the Health Committee.


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