Health Committee: field tours upon the furnaces

Tabqa -Health Committee of People’s municipality continues its work and conducts its field tours in cooperation with the Supply and Control Office.

The Office of Supply and Health follow up the tourist and catering furnaces in the morning and evening, and control the furnaces in terms of weight, quality and cleanliness, and furnaces Committee conducts field tours through entering the mills and control the weight of the bag, furnaces control and demand the license.

And control the weight of bread’s bag for tourist furnace / 1 / kg and the price of / 200 /S.P, this is confirmed by ˝nasser Ahmad, “Chairman of the Health Committee in People’s municipality, following his talk about furnaces, flour allocated from the Department of mills there are allocations for furnaces And we allocated delegates to the furnaces to distribute the amounts of bread to citizens in a fair manner.

In case of violation of furnaces and mills as clean and others referred violator to the judiciary, and the patrol to edit the violation and forwarded to the Supply Bureau and the trial of the violator in accordance with the Systems and laws in force.

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