Health Committee opens a clinic in Akirishya town

Raqqa -The Health Committee of Raqqa Civil Council [RCC] opened a clinic in Akirishi town which is located in Raqqa countryside, the inauguration of the clinic was attended by representatives of Women’s Council, Raqqa Civil Council and dozens of residents in the region.

Dr. Ahmed Faraj Al Shuaib explained that they started this clinic due to the lack of hospitals in the area, where the citizen takes long distances to have medical care and treatment.

 Al-Shuaib pointed out that there are 4 sections in the clinic, dental’s clinic, Pediatrics clinic, Gynecological clinic, and a pharmacy that provided patients of area’s with medicines for free of charge, the clinic’s staff consists of 24 nurses, 4 doctors and midwife.

 At the end of his speech he thanked Raqqa Civil Council and the organizations that provided help to start this clinic.


SDF. Media Center


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