Health Directorate Opens Outpatient Clinics

Hasakah –  Health Directorate in Hasakah opened “outpatient clinics” beside National Hospital.

 Its importance lies in easing the pressure on the national hospital, which receives thousands of patients monthly, providing medical services through specialist medical staff and modern medical equipment. Director of the National Hospital in Hassakeh and responsible of the outpatient clinic Younis Shaker said: The clinics include specialties in ophthalmology, Cardiac, internal, atrial, thoracic, Gynecology and pediatric, and one day per week is devoted to general surgery, we are working to equip the laboratory which will provide most medical analysis.

Shaker added: The clinics have modern medical equipment / Internal Echo Device Colorful Echo Doppler and the brain stem layout and heart layout and other devices and medical supplies.

SDF. Media Center


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