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Honoring outstanding students of Rabaa Al Adawiya School in Raqqa

Raqqa – Education Committee organized in coordination with the Education Office in Raqqa city, a ceremony in honor of “Rabaa Adawiya” school for a number of teachers and students, due to their superiority.

The ceremony was attended by the joint chair of Education Committee and several members of the institutions and committees in Raqqa city.

The celebration began by a minute of silence upon the souls of the martyrs, followed by a number of words, including the word “Ahmed Hussein” educational counselor in the Committee of Education welcomed the attendance, and blessed the outstanding students and teachers.

Ibrahim Karkuki, spokesman of Rabaa Al Adawiya School, said: “This is the first honorary ceremony for our students since the liberation of Raqqa city.

Mohammed Ali Mohammed, Director of the Schools in Raqqa City, gave a speech in which he thanked the school administration and pointed out that it has the potential to succeed and build a new generation based on science, culture and ethics.

He stressed that they honored the school staff and a number of students, representing 15 students and 15 teachers

AL-Ali noted.”Honoring” is the motivation and incentive for all students to make the effort and perseverance to reach the highest levels, and that science and knowledge are the only weapon to face the challenges of the future. AL-Ali noted.

The ceremony concluded by handing over the teaching staff and students’ certificates of appreciation and excellence and some school supplies for students.

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