HomenewsInauguration of Buthan Turkmani Academy for the Training of SDF

Inauguration of Buthan Turkmani Academy for the Training of SDF

SDF opened Martyr Buthan Turkmani Academy for Military Training by opening the first training course which bore the name of Martyr Demhat Qamishlou, and 32 fighters included.

The fighters will receive training in street fighting and military tactics.

In the presence of SDF leaders, the training course was opened by “Kani Kobani” the leader in SDF.

Greeting of martyrs and the military parade presented by the fighters.

He blessed the fighters with the opening of the academy and the training course, and encouraged them to benefit from the training they will receive during two months of training.

As well as the fighters of SDF who are fighting Daesh in its last enclave and liberate the land and human from the abomination of terrorism.

At the conclusion of the inauguration, the fighters performed the military oath.

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